Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The Outside

By M. Jay Mansfield

Again I sit on the outside looking in
I see the most beautiful heart breaking site
My face pressed flat upon the screen

Once again I am clawing at the door
The mutt begging to come in
scratching till my paw is bloody and raw

I would take that little space next to the heat
Wouldn’t even have to be directly there
I would be so quiet and neat

If was allowed to be in there
I would protect and warn
I would show loyal loving care

Here I sit on the outside
Maybe they will rub my head
When they yell I will hide

Out of the way I would be
If only they would let me in
What a friend I would be

But for now I’ll wait with hope
Maybe some day I’ll be back in
Next to the hearth’s healthy smoke

Loyal loving friend on the outside
I hope someday to be let in
For now my tears I will hide

I just don’t want to be left…outside..

©10-27-2011 MJMansfield

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