Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let Freedom Ring True

In relationships, it's freedom that rings true
There shouldn't be anyone controlling what you do
Respect and trust and having the right attitude
Open conversations without being so rude
You are not a puppet, to be controlled on a string
You should be able to float on an Angel's wing
Feeling so free just like a butterfly
Not have to question any reason why
Love is a freedom, we give from our heart
Each of those involved, have to play their part
Equality is the way it should always be
No one is better, love unconditionally
If you choose to control, the love will then die
Emotions will be stepped on, the soul will cry
The very love you found, then will be lost
To me it seems to be, such a tragic cost
Don't be suspicious, don't put the blame
Love is for giving, life isn't a game
Don't control the one that loves you
Listen to your soul, let freedom ring true
©April 18, 2013 Bud Lemire
I believe in equality, with both parties having so much to offer.
No one is better than the other. They are two halves of a whole.
When someone becomes controlling, it is like snipping off their wings.
They become depressed, and life and love just isn't what they thought it would be.
When freedom is given, trust is the key. They will give freely without pressure
and of their own free will. The love will be greater, life will be better.
Our souls are meant to be free, flow free, give freely. Not be controlled.
Bud Lemire comments

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