Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I was thinking about having a strong will today. I have one, for sure! It may have shaped my life in ways that weren't always good for me.

I met a wren last year, she had the same kind of will I did. She wanted to build a nest inside my home. She began this task when I wasn't home and was kind of upset with me when we met. I was amused with her building a nest in my little trailer, as I had never seen a nest built before.

She would not be deterred !! Although she left the first nest because I scared her, she came right back and tried again! A few mornings after, I woke to find her whirring the grass and leaves and sticks into a nest. It was the most amazing summer. She would twitter at her partner and he would fly off and get what she wanted, she would do some bird magic spinning those grasses and leaves into the neatest little nest.

I must have frightened her again, because she finally made a finished nest in my clothes pin bag. I know this because I stuck my hand in there and to my surprise found a warm bird and 4 eggs instead of a clothes pin!!

I was always afraid she would leave when I scared her. She refused and a few weeks later her hard work and strong will paid off. In just going about her business she became a lesson to me about not giving up, no matter the seeming odds against you.

©2012 Riva Joi Smith

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