Wednesday, May 1, 2013

By The Numbers

Welcome to By The Numbers, a column about understanding and using Numerology to better understand yourself and those who surround you. Be it personal, sexual, or business, Numerology can go a long way in providing greater insight and recognition of the people with whom you interact in life. Personally, I have been working with Numerology since 1984, when my younger sister introduced me to it. In the ensuing years I have gotten to the point where my life's purpose is to introduce and expose people to this ancient science, either through personal readings, classes, lectures, or my book, YOU KNOW YOUR NAME...LOOK UP YOUR NUMBERS. For years, I have been imploring educators to give Numerology a 'look-see' as a tool for better understanding, and guiding the students with whose education they are entrusted.

“The human soul is 'at music' when engaged in pure mathematics. All things accord in numbers.”...Pythagoras

What is Numerology (you may be asking!)? It is an ancient esoteric science that historically dates back to the time of Pythagoras in ancient Greece 2500 years ago. The ancient Chaldeans are known to have used Numerology, and in all probability, it dates back to perhaps ancient, unknown civilizations. Pythagoras understood that one of the constants of the Universe was numbers. All that we can see, touch and experience can be reduced to a mathematical equation. Numbers play an important role in our daily existence. And we, as entities alive in this Universe, are a combination of numbers to be made manifest in our existence. Where mathematics is the study of numbers, Numerology is the interpretation of numbers. It is based on the numbers 1-9 and the alphabet as it is known (this applies to any written language that has letters). Within the spelling of your name (as it appears on your birth certificate) and your birth date is a blueprint, a road-map, a treasure chest of information about YOU.

I emphasize that the chart is based upon the spelling of the name on the birth certificate for even if the name is misspelled, or your document has your name as “Baby Girl/Boy or Female/Male” that is what is read for that was your imprint upon entering this plane. All of your talents, abilities, personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, lessons and challenges that are a part of you and your life are defined and described in a Numerology reading. This can provide important and valuable information to people involved in relationships; to parents and/or grandparents who have young children; to employers looking to better understanding their job applicants and employees; and, to teachers and educators who are looking for a more insightful means to understand and teach their students. In some ways, Numerology is a sister science to Astrology and a good astrological profile will provide similar information as is provided in a numerological profile.

“Everywhere you find measures, numbers and order, look for the craftsman. You will find none other than the ONE in whom there is supreme measure, supreme numericity, and supreme order. That is GOD, of whom it is most truly said that HE arranged everything according to measure, and number and weight.”...Martin Gardner

This column will be dedicated to the study and interpretations of Numerology. It will cover different facets of a chart and guidance on using Numerology. At times, I will also provide numerological insights into people in the news.

Another part of this column will be a question and advice section. I will accept written questions mailed to me through the Contact Page on my website, and each month I will answer 1 or 2 questions from readers. Questions may be about you, someone with whom you are in relationship, children, grandchildren, issues of sexuality, career or other similar topics. When submitting a question, please be sure to include the birth date and exact spelling of the name (as it appears on the birth certificate) for the individual for whom the question is being asked. I may get back to you to confirm certain details if I use your question.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to welcome you into the world of Numerology. I look forward to teaching you about this wonderful science and interacting with you through your questions.
Look Up Your Numbers!
Blessings of Love & Light
Michael John Fierro

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