Monday, July 1, 2013

Angel Whispers

“When you feel the light of God in your heart, know that all is well. When you feel the light of God, you will feel the clarity of God’s plan for you. Through prayer and meditation, this will come to you clearly. God is with us all and He will help us and guide us in our divine plan. Never doubt this, for it is true He is with us and keeping us safe, with the help of our angels who are God’s messengers. God’s love is unconditional and He loves us all no matter what. 
The angels love us unconditionally too. How great is it that we are so loved? We do not always see it that way, especially when we think something negative has happened to us. This is the true test for some....
When we think of it sometimes we feel that God has done us wrong, yet this is not true because everything happens with divine timing. This is hard for us to understand. God is the timekeeper, not us...Someday we will understand this too.”
This is an example of one of the messages taken from my book which is due to be out in Amazon, in a few weeks. It is really interesting how the angels asked me to do this book.

Over the years I had begun to write prayers and meditations for healing circles and for groups or individuals. Then I was asked to write some poetry and started to do some poems. Actually it was a lot like taking down dictation, as I found I was channeling the words. I found this with the prayers and meditations, too.

I had no idea where this gift came from, because I had never done any sort of writing before except for IEP reports or yearly reviews for my charges I had as a preschool and special needs teacher. I think the reason I never did any kind of creative writing was because I pretty much was of the opinion that I didn’t have the gift of writing in any way or form … So I never dabbled in doing it.

The name of my book is, “Living In The Heart Place With Your Angels: Daily Angelical Whispers Throughout the Year.” The book has a daily angel message that I channeled from the angels along with a journal exercise for each message. The angels spoke to me about healing, healing with colors, the heart place, how we can live in the heart place, love, peace and joy. The angels also had me share some information about some of the angels and how they can help you in your life each day.

The hardest thing about doing the messages was not knowing how I would get funding for getting the book published and what is going to happen once it is published.. I still don’t know what is going to happen but I just make the effort to do the work I need to do in networking and making some plans until it gets published for after the book is out and others can purchase the book…

This is a true test of working with the universe to make my dreams come true. I do the work but the universe seems to have the last word on most of the decisions I have had to make in writing the messages, getting the book edited, and now to be published within a few weeks.. All very exciting, all very nerve-wracking at the same time… I make the contacts and the universe helps me with this too. To make sure the contacts are worthwhile and that they are safe choices too.

There was a point when I lost the first four months of messages in my laptop. Fortunately I was able to recover them as I had a blog with the messages. And then I was asked to make more changes concerning the future of the blog messages… The message I received was to make this into a daily message book and to also put in a journal exercise. So I started doing that and went back to put exercises on each message for four months of journal, then continuing that with each new message.
I truly felt the presence of my angels as I was doing the editing of the book. I could feel their love and I could hear their directions too, for the book and for the next three years. It has been a pleasure working with the angels on this and I thank them for their love and consistent direction.

Thank you, dear Angels for your love and direction in this wonderful project.

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