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By The Numbers

HOUSE NUMBERS – The vibration of your home.

Numerology, being the interpretation of numbers, can be used to better understand not only people, but also places. The address of your residence provides some insight into the type of energy or environment that will exist. With any address, the actual number of the physical location of the building is the most important number, e.g. your house number. If you live in a an apartment, the primary energy would be dictated by the address of the building, with your particular apartment number (or letter) providing a secondary energy to your abode. The actual apartment number, e.g. 3D, 168F, and so on would (in this instance) be a more personal measure of the energy/vibration of the residence.

To determine the numerological vibration of the house, use the number as it appears on the house e.g., 336, 25, 1548, etc. Total the digits and reduce to a single number. Should the home result in a Master Number, one must be certain to maintain an environment that resonates with the calling and vibration of the higher digit, while maintaining the characteristics of the single digit.

Also provided is a 'best' color for the location as well as areas of potential concern with the physical structure of the home or apartment.
1 - This is a good vibration if someone is living by themselves. ONE represents extreme independence and will support the individual in their life. This can be a home that promotes and encourages creative and original activities. Living in a ONE residence can help one to accomplish their goals and ideas as long as the proper effort is expended. Someone who lives in a ONE may become a leader in the community. If this is an apartment the individual may receive little or no help from others.
COLOR: Red (and shades of red).
TROUBLE: Roof and ceiling
2 - This creates a sensitive and quiet environment and can be a very good place for couples and/or partners. If you have a personal vibration of 2, you may enter into successful relationships while living here. This can be a residence of quiet dignity and you may lean towards living a simple life. If you have a hobby or an interest in something, you will find this vibration conducive for collecting. This home may contain doubles of many things and might be filled with antiques and works of art. A 2 home also lends itself to dealing well with neighbors.
COLOR: Orange (and shades of orange).
TROUBLE: Windows, doors, & floors.
3 – The energy of the 3 home is one of a social and friendly vibration. This is a home in which conversations, parties, happiness, music, and creative talents are emphasized. A home of constantly ringing phones and a good environment for children as joy and happiness abound. A THREE residence can be conducive for creative pursuits such as writing, music and art. One must be careful of extravagance and spending too much on pleasure.
COLOR: Yellow (and shades of yellow).
TROUBLE: Cracks, insulation, & major appliances.
4 - FOUR is a good work environment as vibrationally it creates a disciplined and organized surroundings. Work may be a constant presence and the energy may be somewhat restrictive so it is important that one allows themselves time to unwind and have some fun while living here. Throw rugs and many plants should be part of the decorating scheme. This is a home that appeals to practical people.
COLOR: Green (and shades of green).
TROUBLE: Cracks, leaks, doors, & windows. Pay special attention to things of a structural nature (foundation, etc).
5 – The home that resonates to the vibration of the FIVE is a high-level energy environment. There may be constant movement and rearranging of furniture and a continual environment of changes. This is a home that can be conducive to versatility and adaptability while not being too domestic. There will be much moving in and out, with talk of cars, travel and adventures a part of the energy. With the Five's representation of the human condition and the five senses this can be a 'party place' and may include a high degree of sexual activity and other sensual pleasures. A nervous energy may be present and it is important that some sense of balance is created in the home.
COLOR: Lighter blues and turquoise.
TROUBLE: Electrical problems and appliances.
6 - This is the consummate “mother and home” energy. With the SIX's resonance to domesticity and taking care of others, this is a good number residence for raising a family and engaging in family activities. This is not just a is a home. Cooking, gardening and other home activities may be prevalent. This is a home that may very well have a dog, and that may attract dogs from the neighborhood. It will also attract neighbors and friends. There will be an assortment of different things throughout the home. People who live in this home may be community-minded.
COLOR: Darker blues.
TROUBLE: May be centered in the kitchen and family areas.
7 - The SEVEN home will be one of introspection, research, reading, investigations, and spiritual pursuits. It is not exactly a social environment as it lends itself more to more solitary activities and expressions. This home provides a good environment for thinkers and seekers. It is a vibration that may be conducive to drinking, drugs, perversions, and depression so caution must be taken to maintain a healthy environment.
COLOR: Indigo, pink, purple.
TROUBLE: Water and plumbing and anything to do with water.
8 - EIGHT creates a good environment for a home-based business. With its representation of money, this environment may create money pressures and worries for the inhabitants. This can be an impressive home, yet the occupants should not be so intent on “keeping up with the Joneses” or on the ego-centered impressing of others as the overall energy may be more concerned with image and not domesticity and family. Strides must be taken to maintain a peaceful environment as an EIGHT can be a fertile ground for frequent fights, noise and upset.
COLOR: Deep purples, gold, and red.
TROUBLE: Plumbing, bathrooms, bug and insect infestations. Fires.
9 - The NINE home “belongs to the world” and as such, it is an environment of the open house. This residence will attract many people and in some instances it will attract problems if caution is not exercised in maintaining boundaries. There is a universal attraction in the energy of the NINE home and this abode may be a neighborhood 'center' for friends and neighbors. In this place, you must live constructively or disappointments and losses may ensue. The NINE home may create health problems for the inhabitants.
COLOR: All colors and color combinations (except for black).
TROUBLE: Since NINE encompasses all numbers, all the problems of the other numbers may be a factor. Also, health of the occupants should be paid particular attention.
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