Thursday, May 1, 2014

Society’s Downfall

Society is falling.
Step back and take a look.
No longer are we about relationships and family.
But about money and growth.
We are a selfish people.
Who care about no other.
what happened to connections and love?
They were pushed and shoved.
Into the deep recesses of our selfish minds.
Society is collapsing.
Slowly at first, then quicker still.
Until there's no way to mend or turn back.
We are a nation under attack.
To be the best, better than anyone.
That is our goal.
No sympathy for those who fall on the way.
Survival of the fittest.
That's the motto of these days.
Society will be destroyed.
If we keep hurdling down this path.
We will all slowly fall.
Let no one get in your way and never stop.
We need to stop, breath, reflect.
See what we are doing.
Love, peace, Light, family.
Now hate, war, dark, and loners.
We are no longer here. Society is gone.
©Mar 06, 2012 Bethany Davies
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