Thursday, May 1, 2014

Comfort In A Friend

In this life you never know
When it's someone's time to go
Precious is the time we spend
In conversation with a friend
We both value the time we share
A time to show how much we care
If a friend has a life threatening disease, don't back away
Because they still need your time, especially every day

If it's a friend you've recently come to know
Don't let unknown fear inside you start to grow
What makes you afraid to become close
Your friendship is needed the very most

Do you fear emotions and an upcoming loss
When it comes to your soul, you are the boss
Part of life and the time that we're living
Is the time and love that we are giving

I'd say this friend needs you even more
Then they ever needed anyone before
If this friend should suddenly pass away
Remember you gave your best every day

What if you found yourself in their place
Wouldn't you find comfort in their friendly face
When wishing for the pain to end
Wouldn't you find comfort in a friend
©April 22, 2014 Bud Lemire Notes by Poet:
In this life, I find friendship very precious.
I know if I was going through something and needed a friend,
it would be a most welcomed sight and presence.
There are many diseases you can not catch,
and yet people back away from a friend anyway.
Just when your presence could have given them so much comfort and love.
Is it because you fear losing them,
or fear catching what they have.
Afraid that your emotions will be out
and you won't have control of them.
Sometimes we have to come out with our emotions and break down the wall,
to become become better people. Listen to your soul, it knows.

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