Thursday, May 1, 2014

On Trek


I drive down a lovely country road, and I admire the green lush grass, the majestic trees standing guard of each home. The colorful flowers dancing in the breeze just catch my attention. The cows in the field, enjoying nature at its best..

And then the beer can, the empty sack of McDonalds, the pop cans, the cigarette butts, the debris lining the streets like onlookers to a parade.

People, we all cry we want to save our planet by cleaning it up. Each one of us can start by not throwing garbage out of our cars and from our bikes, and trucks. We are littering the earth daily and someone has to pick it up.

I know we all don't throw it out, I don't, but we all live here. We co-exist, we share our home. Earth is our home. We would all be incensed if a truck load of trash was dumped in our yards, but we should be just as incensed that cans and wrappers and old shoes get flung to the side of the road, and in some cases onto someone's lawn.

It is illegal to toss out debris. It is a shame laws have to be made to stop folks from being inconsiderate of others. It is a natural law. How can we ever find true peace on a planet, when littering is literally ruining the beauty of earth inch by inch...Let us make a conscious effort to pass along this bit of advice. Let us make every effort to keep our plant home beautiful.

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