Sunday, June 1, 2014

Encounter with A Gecko

When I touched the inside
Of the door to my attached garage
And felt your tiny tensioned form
Spread-eagle on the wood,
I marveled at you being there,
Regardless of the lazy cats,
My bumbling feet and hands,
Courageous, all outrageous
In the dark as geckos are,
Creeping, leaping, ever seeking
Microscopic prey.

Not wanting you to come to harm
I gently scooped
Your musculated body
Into my timid palm,
Intent on quick removal
For improval of your lot.
But you fled my fumbling fingers,
And just before you disappeared,
I clearly heard you say
“Hey, I know what I am doing;
Do you? So go away!”

©2004 John I. Blair

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