Sunday, June 1, 2014

True Beauty

I am beautiful
But not the beautiful that society defines
My hair is not perfectly straight or wonderfully curly
My eyes are not the color of a never-ending ocean
My smile is not snow white or straight
My lips are not full and red
My laugh is not always quiet
Nor are my thoughts
I do not walk with the grace of a ballerina
But I am beautiful
Beyond the limits of society
Like a sunrise
Small at first
But then bursting forth with color
Like an eclipse
Disappearing and showing
Like wind blown hair
And soft touches
Like a mosaic of broken pieces
When first looked at, not all spectacular
But when put together
A wonderful masterpiece of creation
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Beauty is in the eye of my Maker
My awe-inspiring Savior
I am beautiful like no other
Because there is not another like me
Uniquely designed for a purpose
And that is true beauty
©05/21/2014 Bethany Davies

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