Sunday, June 1, 2014

Wounded and Healed

I am not your first love
Nor are you mine
We have both been wounded
More like scar tissue than skin
Like a bright star
Our love came
Unnoticed at first
Then brighter
Until it became a supernova
How do we heal?
I kiss your worries away
Our touch, our words
Like bandages to broken promises
I am not afraid of your scars
Nor are you of mine
I will write for you til the end of days
Still, I could never come close to description
You are cracked perfection
Shattered glass stitched together with gold
More beautiful than you know
Whether you shine like a million stars
Or lay broken and collapsed in my lap
I will love you at your best
At your worst

©May 1, 2014 Bethany Davies

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