Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happily Ever After

Fairy tales and Happily Ever Afters
Growing up we hear the words
"Happily Ever After"

Like fairy tales and princesses
The white knight will sweep us off our feet
We'll ride into the sunset never looking back
It will be perfection

No fights, no tears, no worries
Just carefree, radiant, delight
But it was all a lie

A story told to keep us in chains
Chains that bound and wrapped
Squeezing until we thought of nothing else

The real knight isn't a knight at all
He's the one you wouldn't have looked twice at
Before your fairytale was shattered

He's the one who sees your brokenness
But still reaches in to hold you
The sadness and despair do not matter

For he sees you for all your worth
You push away
Surely your white knight doesn't act like this

All the knights before have beaten you down
That was your normalcy
This new man isn't normal

He's remarkably unique
Almost scary and not like the others
A gentleman

Such a strange word
You say
"I could get used to this"

A true connection
A relationship
A partnership

With fights, and tears, and worries
But also laughs, and jokes, and smiles
Maybe not "happily ever after"
Perhaps something better

©May 2014 Bethany Davies

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