Sunday, June 1, 2014

Merlin Insights

The inner voice within you will never encourage you to believe you are to shoulder the blame for who you find yourself to be day by day. It will show you instead, by living example of your blamelessness.

However, you find yourself fearful to look within, fearful that what you choose to believe and to see of yourself as true is borne out by the message you hold deep within. What if you looked within and saw no blame? 

This fearful question is one the ego never asks of you, proclaiming instead that within, where exists only your peace, your eyes will alight only on sin and failure. 

    What if you looked within and saw no failure?
    What if you looked within and saw only peace and love?
    What if you saw that the blame you shoulder so readily, for all that you perceive as failure within your life, is itself an illusion, that your self loathing is based on all that cannot be true?
    What if you looked within and not only saw your own love and peace, but all the reasons that the many who truly love you see to justify the love they feel for you?
Those who have already done so have detached themselves from the belief that their identity lies within what the ego portrays as their reality and have instead accepted all that they had hitherto seen as their failings are indeed their strengths. Only love makes this possible, your love. 

It is my wish for you now, that you see only that love for yourself and accept it and embrace it as your truth.

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