Friday, August 1, 2014

An essay - Life is about Change

We begin to change at the second of conception and it never stops. Over the years we grow physically, mentally, and socially. One minute we feel we have the spouse of a lifetime, a friend forever, and/or the place we will always call home.

But, life is about change.

Over time we find ourselves either growing with change or away from it. Our life styles, values, thoughts and feelings will all change. Overall isn't this a good thing? We need to purge our lives of the old and make room for the new. Sometimes this is very difficult. In relationships when one realizes it's time to let go, and the other doesn't. When we are laid off from our "perfect" job. Even when the greatest car we've ever owned breaks down. What happens then? Do we try to convince ourselves that things should stay the same? Do we try to fix the old and make it new again? No one has those answers but ourselves. There is nothing wrong with missing the old, wishing that things could have stayed the same.

But life is about change.

I miss just about every job I've ever had; was sad and disappointed when they ended. But, whenever I left one, the door I walked through next I found myself learning more. Not only about the job, but about myself. Would I go back to any of those jobs I was so sad about leaving? Probably not. Mainly because things would not be the same as they were then. Things change.

Life changes.

Are there things I miss about family members I am no longer in contact with? Absolutely! Do I wish we were back in each other's lives? Sometimes. Did the person I am today grow because of that disconnection? You betcha. Would it be different had I stayed. Yea, that would be different too. Not necessarily the way I want it to be, still, it would be constantly changing.

Life is about change.

Relationships, I believe, are the hardest to see change. People's ideas of life change emotionally, spiritually, even physically. We find ourselves either growing along the same path or our paths begin to take different roads. Sometimes, those paths run parallel and though things have changed, acceptance of each other has not. Sometimes, watching/feeling another walk down their separate road is painful.

But life is about change.

Wouldn't it be nice if we learned to embrace change. Learn not to dread it but rather look forward to it? See it as a positive experience?

Who knows. Life is about change.

©06-06-14 Diane Lynch

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