Friday, August 1, 2014


...Just a minute's all it takes
to sing a song...
for Heaven's sake
That guiding light
that shines on you
those eyes that hide
such pain, so true

 Are we Strangers,
were we Friends?
.....will these dangers
never End ?
I wish that all your Dreams come True
and somehow prove this Love, for you

Stop living in the Future,
Stop living in your Past
The words you're singing Now,
Could make this Song, your Last
One thought
can change,
the whole of Time
One choice
could make your Life, sublime

Don't be Afraid,
what you Create
..Start living Now
- it's not too late...!!!
The beauty of this moment,
for evermore sustained
The sharing of Love's Energy,
…need never be explained

Trust in Me,
Trust in You
in Everything You do
Happy, joyful, smiling faces
Beauty, Wonder, secret places
Childlike fun, sweet innocence
repeated now, for you to sense

Trust your feelings –
flow into them
don't fear what happens –
that is ‘Then’
don't be Afraid of what can Be
or you'll delay the ecstasy

Love your Emotions
- Love yourSelf
don't be controlled
by someone Else.
Explore your feelings,
good, And bad
Be in Control –
don't make life sad
You knew this happy ending,
was truly meant, to be
the starting of a new beginning –
sent for ALL, you See ?
You have the Courage,
Trust, and Faith
Believe in your Emotions,
and let Them set the pace.
©March 24, 2009 Phillip Hennessy

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