Friday, August 1, 2014

Merlin Insights

Given by Adam of Bremen through his connection with Merlin
There is much to say on this subject, equally, a great deal I cannot tell you. This is sad for me as it would put much of the following into perspective. Much of this paper is concerned with love; love, pure and simple. For that is all that we, as spirit, are made of, and so, as the human form of spirit are you, nothing more and nothing less. There is but one state of love, so there is love, or there is absence of love. Absence of love you will recognise as fear.

It is love from which you come, and to which, ultimately you must return. This is the collective energy source, the collective spirit of mankind. It is that from which you come and it is the truth of that which I wish to impart through this paper.

I will pose a question to you at this point. What is love? What is it, of which we all speak so freely? I was a monk and I lived many, many centuries ago; you will find me if you seek. My name was Adam and I came from Bremen. I have spoken through others before and I hope I will get the opportunity to speak again. The medium is foreign to me but the subject is not. I was a monk, and you may well be asking, how could he have known love, a love that could relate to those who live this life today? Oh! I loved!! But I ask you what it is that you are doing in this your life; do you understand what it is that you have come from? When you wish for someone love, do you understand what it is you are wishing for? When you tell someone you love them, do you understand what it is that you are saying. I think not! I ask you again, what is love?

I will ask you to think on this a little longer for it is a very complex subject. It is very deep, and the deeper you go, the deeper you contemplate the subject, the less you realise that you understand of it. It is love, the energy which drives the universe, it is the ultimate energy. When you talk to people and you say to them, I wish you love, it is part of the energy that exists within you that you are offering them, the most private core part of you. At least that is how you perceive it. There are many kinds of love that you will speak of, you will speak about the love you have for your father, for your mother, for your children, for your partner, for the friend with whom you walk through your entire life at their side. All these you speak of in different terms but in reality you have no knowledge of that of which you speak. I ask you again, what is love?

All the types of love of which I have spoken are but one and the same. You may see them as being very different, but they are one and the same. How could this be so? What you are confusing is love the energy and love the emotion. The emotion is meaningless! It does not exist! Love the energy, is that from which the universe is made. It is that which drives the universe. It is that from which you are made. From the mi­nutest part of your very being, it exists, to the largest part of the universe, it exists. It cannot be destroyed, it can be used, it can be abused. But it cannot be destroyed. The form which it takes can be altered, but the energy itself cannot. As the universe has evolved, so we are part of it, you as a spirit are pure energy, you are nothing more. You are pure energy! The universe is the energy from which you have come, the universe is the energy from which you are made and this is love.

You come from an energy source so vast, so powerful, and so enormous in its scope, its power is limitless. And you, you are just the merest part and yet you are all of it. You come from a source so vast where we all are one; we are all from the same. When you give love, you are opening to the source and allowing it to flow through you and it is through this that your energy increases, it builds. The power available to you gets big­ger and bigger, the more you connect to it. Love itself cannot be destroyed. Love is energy; energy cannot be destroyed. You can change it, you could use it, you can dissipate it, but you cannot destroy it.

A wave as it crosses the ocean through the water, it is energy. The water moulds itself to the form and the intensity of the energy. That energy is love! This is a hard concept for you as a human soul, without your contact to the larger force. It is a hard concept for you to grasp. You grasp a little and you lose a little. For those who are prepared to open and to live in this purest of states the rewards are great. Your contact with the higher force remains supreme the more you love the more you can love. The more power you use the more you have to use. But how do you use it? How do you use energy in your world? In your world energy is something you buy; you buy it, you use it, it’s gone! The reality is that it has not gone; it has been dissi­pated, but not gone. This is what bars you from understanding the truth of energy.

Those who choose to open themselves to love, who choose to allow themselves to be part of it, are open, ready to accept, then the love within them grows. In your world you buy energy, you use it, it’s gone. What I bring to you is an inexhaustible supply. The more you use, the more you have. You meet someone in the street and you exchange love, you smile. You have given love and you receive a smile, you have received love. But because of that transaction the amount you received seems equal in many ways to the love you gave. Yet the energy within you, because of this transaction is equal to the sum of the two separate parts. It is an equation that science could not explain. In scientific terms you have one unit, you give one unit and you receive one unit, the result is you still have only one unit but if you give one unit and receive none in return you must be devoid of love. But on the contrary! In what I have explained, you have one unit, you give one unit, you receive one unit, and you have two units. The other soul with whom this transaction took place is now in possession of equal measures to you. From one unit given by you and one unit given by another there are now four units. Four tangible units in existence! This defies all logic and the laws of your physics. The scientist will tell you that it cannot be so, but if you are open to your feeling, you will know that it is so.

So I ask again the question what is love? It is part of the universe. As the universe gets ever bigger, none of it is ever destroyed it changes, it transforms, and it is never destroyed. It is from that which we come and it is upon that which we call, throughout our lives. It is that which we give to another. But when we pass on from this world, our life is not destroyed; the energy which made us so is not destroyed. It is still there! Maybe in this way you can understand a little that the passing from the spirit to the physical requires noth­ing. To pass from the physical to the spirit, loses nothing. If you take a teaspoon full of water; in itself it is complete and significant. But if you pour that teaspoon full of water into the ocean it immediately appears insignificant and yet it is there. It has gone nowhere. It has not disappeared, it is there. Yet you cannot see it, but it is there. So the love from you in this world is significant. Those around you will have great under­standing of the love that you can give, but as you pass you return to the fold from which you came and so the love returns to the ocean.

Those who understood you will remember you; will know that you are there, but to everybody else it will seem as though you have never been, but a part remains.

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