Friday, August 1, 2014

On Trek


-- I have a hard time with injustice! I have seen it, been treated unjustly, and feel it strongly now that I am older. Can I stop it? No. What has it done for me? Looking back I now know that I am stronger because of it. I can write about it, pray about it, send it to the universe to help alleviate it. I know I am not alone in how I feel about it. I see tons of videos and quotes, and pictures on facebook, where people abhor injustice, and it makes me send out more love. More love would be the answer in my humble opinion.

It is easier to say, well they can speak up for themselves. Well maybe they can't because of fear. Fear is very powerful. If I knew that I could stop all injustice with a wave of my arm I would. I know fear and injustice isn't in the heavenly realms. If it can be stopped in the heavenly realms, then why can't it be stopped here on planet earth? We need to learn to stop in within ourselves first. It has to be part of us to not want it, or allow it in our lives. Then, and only then will it ripple thru to other people, and finally be eliminated from Planet earth. We are the problem, then we are the solution.

When I was in school, I watched kids berate other kids. I remember , growing up in Massachusetts, the first black family came to our little hamlet. The little girl walked to school, and boys would come up and call her bad names. I watched this, and felt so bad for that little girl. Since I walked to school, the next day I waited for her.. We walked together into the school. The boys called her bad names, and then ME TOO. Names like creampuff for me. That is the worst they could do I guess. So my dear friend and I endured this for about a week. Then, they left us alone.

We can all take a stand against injustice by not allowing it to be part of us. From the book, The afterlife of Billy Fingers, a true story, of a bad boy who passed, and wrote a book with his sister who is still alive here on the planet. So many Truths stick out in that book, but here is one I will always hold dear to me. "Every single life is valuable in ways you cannot imagine or figure out while you're alive. Every single life is a gift."

EVERY SINGLE ONE.. know that, believe that, and changes will start to take affect in yourself, and will mirror out to the rest of the world.
Judith...aka Featherwind

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