Friday, August 1, 2014

Angel Whispers

Have you lost your JOY?

We get busy with the day to day things, our jobs, our children, whether they are kids or young adults, our relationships an everything else in between, We get caught up in the planning, and dealing with organizations, government regs, paying our bills and dealing with our health, the doctors and everything else in between. We hear about the state of the world or of an incident to that is upsetting and then we see how it is all dragged out day to day on every media channel station that speaks about the state of our world.

I will stop there.. I lost my self and forgot I was writing about JOY.

So we forget about our joy, because we are so busy dealing with life… that may be troublesome or time consuming, and also our daily routine.. Life can be crazy, funny, fun, disappointing, tiresome, overwhelming, and boring. We forget about the joy in life, and we forget how to find that joy. And so I asked the universe about joy, particularly some angels who love to talk about JOY…

Ok back to joy… Summer time is good time to talk about JOY, well anytime, I suppose. Do you sometime find that the times we say are going to be joyful, are the most stressful times too? I guess it’s how you choose to deal with these joyful/ stressful times.. Like pre-wedding planning, and the holidays we have at the end of the year, and graduating from college or high School, or any of the other joyful times/ stressful times.

How can we keep these time a bit less stressful? But that is not what I am particularly talking about. Although it is something to mull over, possibly.

What I am talking about is just going through day to day life, doing all that I wrote about above, but forgetting about the joy, as adults who are making transitions, with family friends and our careers, needs, wants, and day to day worries that keep us from the joy that use to be so easy to feel.

In speaking with friends recently, I mentioned something about forgetting the joy and how we have forgotten that the joy is still there .. We just have to embrace it and to access it regularly.

I asked the angels about Joy, which by the way is one their favorite things to speak about…They have given a few pointers, that I hear a lot, from them and others also. So they have encouraged me to write about how we can access our joy a bit more quickly. Of course they say that being appropriate when accessing the joy is a good idea to take into consideration..

These are some their ideas for us when wanting to invite joy into our lives again, when we have forgotten what it was… so here are some pointers they have shared..
    1. If life gets so very stressful for you, take that time for you to relax and to take total down time.
    2. When there are decisions to be made, be sure you have all the facts and then evaluate the pro’s and con’s of the decision
    3. Talk to the friends that make you laugh
    4. Do something different, that you would enjoy doing.
    5. Go outside, go to the beach, to a lake, or pond, or go the mountains or on a hike, embrace the beauty in your surroundings
    6. See a funny show, or movie with friends or close relationship.
    7. Do fun activities with your kids, or grandkids
    8. Play board games with friends
    9. Sing by yourself or with friends and family.
    10. Giving your worries and stress to the Universe, the Angels too, and know that they will help you to feel this joy again..
    11. Having a sense of humor helps too.
The list could be endless. But taking the time in reading this article, and thinking about JOY, in our lives, is a positive thing to consider. Especially if we forget that we truly deserve joy in our lives. And you know you do deserve to have this joy for yourself, and for your loved ones, even when it seems impossible to think of this. Bringing the JOY in our lives and thinking of ways we can do this is something to consider. We all deserve this joy, to help with the stress and frustrations of our life.

So in thinking about joy and how to bring more in, I bet we all can come up with some really creative ways, and I am sure you all have some great ideas, for letting the joy, continue in our life.
I keep hearing that life wasn’t suppose to be this difficult, that balance of body mind and spirit can certainly help too. So get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and thank the angels, our higher power, friends and family ( those who bring us joy) for being a part of our life, and SMILE…..

Can you feel the JOY?

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