Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Things

It's the little things
for instance -
My two boys
In actuality Teenagers
They most really would be
Ages 14 and 15.

To Still allow me -
As they say

or "Mother" when they can't get my attention -
To pull out our kitchen chair
I get to run my fingers
through their utmost unruly hair.

It's These Little Things

I Take notice of
The slight stubble across their cheeks.
A little more stubble underneath -
The chinny chin chin of my sweet little
The deep and ever so mighty voice
of my Cyrus Allen.

It's These Little Things

That I Find are Changing -
Ever so more frequently.
The sound of the clippers caution
a "No cutting of my ear Mom!"
a shy but modest "Her Name is Chyanne"
from my bold but blushing Cyrus Allen.

It's These Little Things

All while smiling -
My boys
Gently letting me into their world.

My heart glows with content
for I know
These memories
I'll cherish with my love
Never forget.
Tucked away
in my pocketful of
©Oct 22, 2014 Jennifer Terwilliger

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