Saturday, November 1, 2014

Editor's Corner

November 2014

“If you have not done things worthy of being written about, at least write things worthy of being read.” --Giacomo Casanova.

That is what we aim for each month with Pencil Stubs Online - things worthy to be read. For instance, "Little Things" by your editor's granddaughter, Jennifer Terwilliger, who writes movingly, and with humor of herself with her sons.

Jennifer's poem is one of sixteen presented and, as usual, there is a bit of synchronicity at play. Both Bud Lemire and yours truly composed verses describing their 'real' self, mine "Really Me" on the 8th and Bud's "The Real Me" on the 10th of October. Bud has five more poems, "We Can Fly," "The Rewards of Genealogy," "Autumn's Journey," "Songs in Time," and the timely but unsavory "Sour Turkey."

Phillip Hennessy sent along "Judy Kay" which he wrote of a friend of a friend while visiting in the states. The poem was also done as a song by one of his English musician friends. Bruce Clifford submitted "Another Door" and "There's No Peace."

John I. Blair's poetic muse has reawakened, he said he'd been in a summer slump with many gardening activities. We are rewarded with "Living Garden" from that focus. Then there is "Granddaughter" - he has two living near him - "Gifts," "In October," and "Looking at The Night." His Column "Always Looking - People Who Made A Difference XXIII" features the renown conductor Robert Lawson Shaw.

Mattie Lennon of Dublin, discusses Nicknames in "Irish Eyes," and Judith Kroll, always "On Trek" herself, says a lot succinctly in her column's essay. Our author and world traveler from Pennsylvania, Thomas F. O'Neill, now teaching in China, returns to his admiration of Einstein in "Introspective." Peg Jones in "Angel Whispers" shares some ideas for drawing family together through the holiday period just beginning, by recognizing reasons to be grateful.

The story section has chapter 7 of the self-declared wise feline, Lexi, "Cleanliness is next to Cattiness." The other chapters may be accessed by clicking the author's byline.

As always we are grateful in this month of Thanksgiving and must not forget our webmaster who keeps the wheels oiled and the ezine looking good - Mike Craner. Thanks again, Mike.

Look for the December issue of Pencil Stubs Online. Compositions are accepted throughout the period from publication through November 26th. If you'd like to do a regular column, send your suggestion and let's get you into action.

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