Saturday, November 1, 2014

On Trek

The crow moves swiftly from one place to another, flapping her wings tirelessly. If we would just listen we would hear the flapping, perfect tempo, swish swish swish of her wings.

Now the crow is sitting and resting, and watching the beautiful red tail hawk, gliding through the blue sky, dipping, and dancing with the wind, in what seems like an effortless undertaking. The crow is happy to just BE the perfect creature she is.

The red tail hawk saw the glistening crow shining in the light, admiring the beautiful colors that shimmered as the sunbeams touched the magical black cloak of the Crow. The hawk listened and heard the swishing of the crow.

The crow kept the beat, and the Hawk danced with the wind on the Arial dance space. We were blessed with another successful presentation of Harmony of Nature

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