Saturday, November 1, 2014

Angel Whispers

A Thanksgiving Message:

8 Ideas about how we can be grateful for all we have in 2014

A year has passed and the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us. This day marks the beginning of the holiday season for those of us in the USA. Before I write of the activities of what happens after Thanksgiving Day, I want to speak of Thanksgiving, a holiday to share with family friends and a time to be thankful for what you have at this time. For me, it’s about the relationships with my family and friends. It’s also about all that I have to be grateful for in my life and letting the people in my life know how I feel. It’s about thanking my higher power and all that are in our universe, protecting and guiding us on a daily basis. Thanking them for the help and guidance they have shared with me this past year.

I have found over the years, that when I am not in a place of appreciation, that is time for me start writing down what I am grateful for. And it’s also time for me to write at least three things that was positive as I live my day. I have found that when I do this, I find that I am feeling better, about all that is happening in my life, no matter how small. The fact that there is positive activity going in my life gives me hope and gives me confidence that all is well. I am also letting the universe know, that I am grateful too.

When I write my grateful list I try to write at least ten things on a given day. If on the next day when I write my grateful list I make an effort to write a few more different items but if I find I am running out items I repeat some of what I wrote the previous night. After about a week, I try for 15 items, and continue for a few more each day. I usually go to up to 20 over a period of a few weeks. I have found that when I make this list I do find myself becoming very grateful for all that I do have.

So in thinking about the grateful list, I thought why not include children, grandchildren, partner, friends, or even a group of friends in making this list in a creative way. So here are a few ways, I have been inspired to share today:
  • 1. Instead of a list, each day, purchase or decorate notebook or a journal that you absolutely fall in love with. Use this journal to write down all that you are grateful for. You can draw, or paint, what you are grateful for or write poetry about being grateful too.
  • 2. Maybe invite your children, no matter what the age to do the same.
  • 3. Make a grateful affirmation board of all you are grateful for and add to it as you find or think of things. You can do this for you personally or invite family members to participate too.
  • 4. Another thing you can do with family is to have a journal for the family members to add to as they go through their week or day. Then put their name next to what they had written.
  • 5. Have a white board to write down all you are grateful for as your day goes by.
  • 6. Draw a large heart or purchase one at a craft store and have kids or partner write why they are grateful, and/or they can draw as above, put pictures in the heart too signifying , what they may be grateful for. Make it as colorful as desired.
  • 7. Thanksgiving is a great time to do some of these projects too.
  • 8. Thanksgiving or holiday time is a good time to do them with family, or any other time for that matter.
I asked the angels, their take on what they want to tell us about Thanksgiving or the reason for the holiday. So this is what I heard:
“Letting go of the ego and letting go of what is in our head, and going to the heart place, we are able to wipe away the negativity or frustration of what we don’t have, can’t have and focus on, what we do have in our life that will help us to be grateful for the gifts in our life. Letting go of the ego, we can begin to see differently and we can begin to understand how lucky we truly are in our life. The angels of protection and the angels of healing are with you always. All you have to do is to ask for guidance and they will help you immediately. They also say that when we go to our heart and ask for their help, they will be with us, “Thanksgiving is a time of being with family and friends that matter. Celebrating each other and knowing that time spent together is precious.” They add, “Make this the best holiday possible, to celebrate uniqueness of each person you will be spending time with, this holiday.”

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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