Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sour Turkey

(A Thanksgiving gone bad.)
  I threw up the Turkey, but it wasn't bad
In fact it was the best Turkey that I ever had
Cranberry Sauce and dressing all came up for me
All mixed together, so easily

Then came the dessert, oh that Pumpkin pie
I held onto the toilet, I thought I would die
She said come on over and try this dressing
I had a good taste, but my bowels were pressing

There wasn't any doubt
How long could I hold out
This wasn't what Thanksgiving was about
I just wanted to puke and then shout

Just as I thought, I was done puking for awhile
I spoke too soon, because up came more bile
It was so awful, what could I do
I still had some Turkey that I couldn't chew

The Thanksgiving meal didn't sit well on my tummy
My head kept on bobbing like I was a dummy
In front of the toilet, I unloaded onto my friend
Wishing that this Thanksgiving would come to an end
©11/21/2013, revised ©4/27/2014 Bud Lemire

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