Friday, May 1, 2015

Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection

Nancy's Mind Ramblings ~ Tuning in to "Synchronicity"~the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection

The Amazing Gift of Mediumship

       I think it began long before I realized it. The 'seeking' of knowledge beyond what I was taught, somehow an awareness of there being so much more. I had what may be called 'visions'. Clear movies that ran in my mind's eye, complete with color, sound and vivid details, always with a complete sense of this being something I felt undeniably had happened. Life has a way of interrupting though and your days get filled with what's on the list of things to do and time slips away. Looking back now, I see the wisdom in how slowly spirit does the work, allowing the awareness to unravel in little bits. Each life's journey a chosen path that comes in increments, allowing for the present journey to be fulfilled, but in the background, a sense of that something more.

       Each event that unfolds in our lifetime, brings with it a lesson, an opportunity. That mindset is not something that is easily accepted, in fact, often totally dismissed. That's their journey. It has been my experience that we always have the choice once we've worked it through, to try to grow from the experience. Seeds. My seeds led me to continue to search for answers,I became a book hound, famished to fill and understand this sense of something more.

       And so, my search began more in earnest when my Mother passed. I found a website that was for those who were grieving, to share and heal from the experience. Unable to resign myself to her being gone, I visited the cemetery each day, sitting and talking to her. One day, while sitting there, feeling bereft and completely alone, I clearly heard her say "You don't have to come here to talk to me, I'm everywhere you go". I had no doubt I had heard my Mother. While driving to work shortly after, on the highway one day, I was in a very bad accident, suddenly catapulted up onto the guardrail, I again clearly heard her voice, "God didn't want you today".

       Her presence in my life, and my ability to hear her clearly, somehow, was something I could not deny.

       I was drawn to a website that was for those who were grieving, to share and heal from the experience. Over the years, I was privileged to hear so many people share the depth of their grief, the anger, the fear as they struggled to incorporate this loss into the fabric of their life. And so it was that while speaking with others who were grieving, I became more and more aware of thoughts, "messages", things that were coming to me as I was talking to them. Movies that ran, but with details of their life. Names were called, pieces of information would flow repeatedly.

      At first I didn't realize or understand what it was spirit wanted from me. It took me quite some time before I could venture to pose questions to them, gently entering their grief, and finding more and more that once the "connection" was made even more information would flood in. I would see the movie running in my mind's eye - it could be that I was taken to a place of their childhood, where spirit would remind them of something only they would know. A loved one's name would be called, familiar connections numerated. Specific details of that person's life would flow which were of course unbeknownst to me.

       Over time I began to venture to share my thoughts, carefully posing respectful questions, sharing the details of the "movie" that would be running, only for them, in my mind's eye. Over and over confirmations came, people found comfort in the memories I could share with them, their memories, poignant, loving messages to let them know that they are fine, that life goes on and that regardless of being 'in spirit', they saw each moment in their life, guided them with love and prayers and most importantly, that "Life" continues after the death of the physical body.

       "Life", consciousness, continues after the death of the body. I believe it breathes on the tether of love. Our loved ones await only the invitation, the openness to the dream, the sign we see over and over, a song, a feather, something that instantly allows us to know they are near. All life is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form - and so it is that spirit remains, by their soul choice, of course, near.

       I have been very blessed to have been able to share this journey with so many and I am very grateful for this gift. I personally believe we all have this ability, greater or lesser. I have come to know that we are more than the physical body, that we are loved beyond measure, guided always and that when the body tires, and we release this journey and return home, our soul, the essence of who we really are, will remain complete. The story of this lifetime embossed upon it. We will then join all our loved ones once again.

       Look for the signs. Be open to the dreams. Talk out loud to your loved ones, just as if they were there, and they will be.



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