Friday, May 1, 2015


It's funny how we crave the things from so long ago
Things we haven't had in years call out to our soul
Our taste buds wish to experience them once more
To find out if we like them as we did before

I remember long ago we ate RyKrisp, Mom loved them a lot
So just recently, that's exactly what I got
They tasted just as I remembered, absolutely great
With a little butter on top, it is what I ate

With some green olives, and slices of cheese
Enough to fill me up, not a chance to tease
My taste buds were dancing all over the place
Memories flashed back, causing a smile on my face

I took a bite and there was that familiar crunch
A bite of cheese and a green olive, what a wonderful lunch
What a wonderful taste that brings me back in time
So many pleasant memories passing through my mind

I recall those days with Mom, as we munched away
Eating RyKrisp seasoned perfectly on each and every day
Every time I'll think of Mom, as I take a bite
I know she is watching me, as I crunch in delight
©April 6, 2015 Bud Lemire
Author Note:
It is so wonderful to visit again the taste of RyKrisp. It tastes the
same as I remember it, and I wonder why I got away from it. But
I am glad it is in my life again. Because when something tastes good,
it's the best thing for your taste buds.

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