Friday, May 1, 2015

Universal Translator

As I walked and listened to the birds
I wished that I could understand their words
Just to know what they had to say
As I listened to them every day
We call it a song that they sing
To me it's a wonderful feeling that they bring
Just like all the other creatures too
What if we truly understood what they say and do

Like a show I use to watch on TV
A Universal Translator was the key
Each planet they went to, their language was known
Came to us in English, every word and tone

What if we had one to use on birds
And other creatures to understand their words
It would really be great
If we could communicate

And the words we say would translate too
They would understand the words from you
Just think how well we would get along
If we understood the words to their song

©April 13, 2015 Bud Lemire
                            Author Note:
It may never be, but it does make you think.
To know exactly what they are saying and be
able to communicate with them like
Doctor Doolittle did.

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