Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alma's Photobook

In some photos from a long time ago
There are some people that I know
Relatives and friends are in each one
Showing they had their share of fun
My Grandma Alma put these photos in a book
Years after her passing, we can take a look
Some taken in Escanaba, some in Racine
The Joints on Memorial day, and Mr & Mrs Green

Some were on the Duford farm. Cows were being shown
My Mom was a little girl then, but in the years she's grown
Theophile & Marie lived on the farm there
In Schaffer, where you can smell the dairy air

The Kidd my Mom played with, had passed away
But several Kidds from that family, still live to this day
Time passes by, years go by fast
In our morality, we never seem to last

Within every lifetime, and for everyone
Make the most of it, have all kinds of fun
Like a picture from Alma's photo book
Take time to really see, wherever you may look

©Sept 25, 2015 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
I want to thank my Grandma Alma Duford-Joint
for these photos and all the people in them who
came to life as I looked them over. They are a
treasure to have and to enjoy in a time gone by.

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