Thursday, October 1, 2015

Discovering, Every Day

As time seems to pass away
I look quite closely at each day
I look at flowers on the ground
I discover things when they are found
I look at the clouds in the sky
The shapes they behold to the eye
The sunlight shining upon a certain place
The smile it brings to my face

A dragonfly that lands upon a tree
All the things that will ever be
The butterfly that flutters without a sound
As I explore what is all around

The little things that can't be seen
We must take the time to look between
To look at things we might pass by
Like a bird's wings spread in the sky

Exploring nature and the beauty found here
Capturing it in pictures, it all becomes clear
Our busy lives has left us without a clue
Until we explore and see what we hardly knew
©Aug 21, 2015 Bud Lemire
                         Author Note:
I try to take notice of the little things that most
people wouldn't even know was there. I recall
once standing outside while all these people sat
doing their own thing. A butterfly was flying around
them and they didn't even take notice. But what they
did notice was me looking at them. They wondered
what I was looking at. I asked them afterward, if
they had seen the butterfly. I think only one said
they saw it. The rest didn't even take notice. It made
me wonder, just how many people live their lives
without even noticing the little things.

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