Thursday, October 1, 2015

Everybody Goes To Heaven

Everybody goes to Heaven, this I know is true
Doesn't matter who you are, or what it is you do
There is a place for you, on the Other Side
When you pass away, it'll be where you abide
My belief is there are several different levels there
Depending on your lessons here and how much you're aware
You will go to the level, where your soul should be
So learning here on Earth, holds the final key

In my belief, I don't believe there is a Hell
Or in Satan, nor will he have my soul to sell
I do believe that there is Negative Energy out there
Surround yourself in God's light, and always beware

I have never felt Negative energy around me
I live and love in the light, and I let it be
I don't believe God is a God you should be afraid of
The God I worship is my friend, and sends me lots of love

I believe the ones who passed, always come around
Maybe playing with lights or the TV, or hardly making a sound
I believe also if the mind's frequency is adjusted just right
You can communicate with them, surrounded by white light

Angels are watching us, to act upon our beckoned call
Many times their actions, stopped us from a fall
Spirit Guides are guiding us with every choice we make
Everybody goes to Heaven, and our souls come awake

©Aug 24, 2015 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Many of us here have awakened already here on Earth.
Others have yet to understand and awaken. Many may
not believe all I have said in this poem. That's okay.
For you have not taken the same path I have. But to
say I haven't experienced what is here, would be wrong.
For just because you haven't experienced what I have,
doesn't make it wrong. Not only have I read many books,
I have experienced so much as well. There is so much
that goes on that many do not yet grasp. To me it is real.
Others have also experienced it. This poem is written
from my belief and my experiences. Yours may be
completely different. I will not say you are wrong,
nor am I. Each having different experiences and beliefs.

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