Thursday, October 1, 2015

Too Much Perfume

Just a dab will do you
Don't need to bathe in it too
The smell is way too strong
The scent leaves an aroma too long
In my apartment, it is there
It's for you, not to share
We may not like what you wear there
Especially when the smell is everywhere

Take a shower with water and soap
Perfume too strong is hard for us to cope
We smell it every time you go by
In our apartment, so you should try

To you, here is my advice
Much less perfume would be nice
Cleaning fluid and flowers mixed together
Is a terrible gagging smell of displeasure

Your perfume is not what I want to wear
It's all over, a disgusting smell in the air
I'd love to be able to smell the clean fresh air
Without the smell of your perfume everywhere

©Sept 6, 2015 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
Just as we don't always like the same foods, it's
the same with what we smell. The smell wouldn't
be as bad, but it is way too strong. You truly don't
need to take a bath in it. Just a little dab is enough.
I'd almost prefer the stink of perspiration over that
strong digusting smell of perfume that smells like
cleaning detergent mixed with flowers. It sets my
gag reflex into action, and when I am eating, I can't
taste my food. It just flows into my apartment and
even the open window won't rid it easy. C'mon, is
is your nose so bad you can't smell how much you
are putting on. Disgusting!

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