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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare - Chapter 6

Ollie-Dare Has A Birthday Party

Spring was arriving within the great forest, and the flowers could be seen peeking from within the meadow grass. Birds could be heard singing, and the smell of Spring rain filled the air. The forest was alive with activity, for the cold winter snows had finally left the grounds, and the creatures were rebuilding, and enjoying the crisp clean air.

Ollie-Dare came from his cave and smiled at the beauty before him, and gave thanks that the winter had been a mild one. He had fresh tea brewing and the aroma filled the air as the sun became higher within the morning sky.

In the distance he could see his best friends Ace the Coon, Jimmy the Rabbit, and Banjo the Fox walking along the meadows. He heard Nibbles the Squirrell calling from her tree top home, and Fanny the Robin had put in her first appearance of Spring.

Ollie-Dare loved his forest, and spent many of his days watching over it. For life in the Great Forest was not always easy. Sometimes the weather caused food shortages, and the rains flooded the meadows. But all in all the forest took care of itself, and no matter the trials, everyone always seemed to bounce back. On the days such as today, he knew nothing more wonderful than living within the forest walls.

One thing Ollie-Dare loved almost as much as his home was reading. His cave was lined with books on all subjects. He loved to read of other places, times, and people. Ollie-Dare had a birthday coming up and he always got at least one book from his friends of the forest, and he was eager to see to what new adventure this book would take him. With that thought, Ollie-Dare left and joined his friends as they drew nearer.

Ollie-Dare visited with the forest creatures, making sure all was well. Nibbles only stopped for a moment for she was busy checking the food supplies. Fanny called from a tree top where she was busy rebuilding her nest, and in the distance you could see Shantey peeking his head out to check the warmth of the air. As they traveled farther into the forest, they could hear Woodchuck the Logger and Beaver Joe calling greetings to each other. Blossum the Possum strolled by in her new Spring bonnet, and Henny the Wren stopped to remark upon the nice day. All seemed normal in the forest and Ollie-Dare was well pleased.

After the stroll, Ollie-Dare invited his friends to stop by for tea and fresh Honey bread. As they sat enjoying the meal, Jimmy the Rabbit asked, "Ollie-Dare, your birthday is once more upon us. How about a nice carrot cake this year?"

Ollie-Dare had to smile at this, for that rabbit loved carrots in any form. He told Jimmy that he would indeed ask Blossom to bake a carrot cake if she had any carrots left from the winter months.

Ace asked, "And how about this year we get you something different; aren't you tired of books?"

"Oh no," Ollie Dare answered "I want a book again this year, for books are as much a part of me as this forest. So, no, I would prefer a book more than anything else. They take me to far away places, and teach me so much about people and life. I look forward to that new book every year, Ace."
Ace shook his head and smiled and said, "A book it is then. Maybe we can find you a big one with lots of adventures inside!"

Soon, Ace, Jimmy, and Banjo said their good byes and left to do their Spring chores. Ollie-Dare settled down with pen and paper to make a list of the many things that needed done, and the things he needed to ask his forest family.

The days soon settled into a normal routine, and Ollie-Dares' birthday quickly came. As usual Jimmy, Ace and Banjo were there. Blossom had prepared a huge carrot cake, much to Jimmys' delight. Nibbles had gathered berries and nuts. Fanny had decorated with pretty ribbons and bows, and Henny had gathered colorful flowers to set the scene. Many of the forest creatures came carrying vegetables from the garden, and fresh spring water. The table was filled with pretty packages, baskets of fruit, and jars of honey.

Music was played by Beaver Joe and his family on their home made instruments, and there was much merriment with the dancing of all the friends. Ollie-Dare was soon asked to open his gifts, and sure enough there was a big new book from Ace,Jimmy and Banjo. Nibbles had knitted him a new eye glass case, and Blossom had sewed him a new tea cozy. Fanny had bought him fresh tea bags on her journey home, and Henny had given him a new Tea cup. Beaver Joe and Woodchuck had carved him out a new walking stick, and Shantey had given him candles for reading at night. There were many gifts of food, and Ollie-Dare was so pleased, and thanked each for their thoughtful gifts.
Darkness began to creep into the forest as the party came to an end. With well wishes from all, Ollie-Dare said good night to all his friends.

Ollie-Dare carefully put away all his wonderful presents before settling in for the night. As he readied for bed, he thought of how lucky he was, and what a special day this had been. And as he closed his eyes, he gave a prayer of thanks for his most precious gift of all........his friends.
©2002 Rebecca Morris
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