Thursday, October 1, 2015


Oh God, do I try
as I sit here and sob
how could they be so wrong
all these people who prop me up
I'm so far from strong
forgive me as I sit here and cry
first my body then my mind
one thing after another betrays me
often in my darkness I wonder why I try
again I sob, my doubt recoils like a gun
hearing the sound of my boys 
I hide my eyes
I am still daddy
suck it up buttercup
I am daddy

I have advice to give
and things to cheer about
occasionally coaching from the sidelines
this is why I live
if I can help them with my hard won knowledge
to give them all I can give
and I cry. God I love these kids
today,again, I don't quit
I'll endure any pain for any length
I may not feel like one but I show them how to live as winners
and I sit here and sob
god I love these kids
I shake it off and one more time I show them
daddy doesn't quit
in a world gone soft
here comes the next generation of winners and rulers
©9/02/2015 MJMansfield

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