Sunday, May 1, 2016

Created To Be Unique

No two people are ever the same
Even if they have an identical name
Some may like music, some may like sports
Some wear long pants, some will wear shorts

Some like reading, some like traveling places
So many personalities, among the many faces
What makes us each special, what makes us each unique
What makes us that way, are within the words we speak

How we present ourselves to others, helps to make you be
You in every way, comes through for all to see
Not everyone will agree, on what you have to say
Their interests are different, but that is still okay

Our personalities reside within our soul
It nourishes our spirit, and it makes us whole
By doing everything that we love to do
That is what makes you into You

You can't always like what someone else might like
A drive in a car may override riding a bike
You may not always understand others, though you may try
They are following a journey, that helps them get by
You can't be like them, they can't be like you
We were created to be unique, with all things that we do

©Apr 13, 2016 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Like a snowflake, we are each unique in our own way.
We can't always understand others, because that is not
our journey. Why they do things they do, or why they
have things they do. It is not our journey to understand.
It is our journey to accept them for who they are, and
that should be enough. What makes them special and
unique is something some of us won't understand. But
know this, it is making them whole and who they are.

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