Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feel My Touch

It was sad, my time came too soon
Before I realized it, there passed another moon
I was on The Other Side, in a blink of an eye
Never realizing, that it was my time to die
I left behind so many, so it came as no surprise
When I looked and saw, what was before my eyes
There she was, the one I knew I had waited for
Now I have passed, when I wanted so much more

Our time together could have been longer,
     but didn't last long at all
That's when I listened, and heard the Angels call
She's beautiful in every way I'll ever know
From this view, I see her familiar glow

I move closer to her, letting her feel my touch
Just to remind her, of my love and how much
She senses my presence, and feels the tingles too
Looking around, she smiles for the memories that she knew

“I know you're here, I love you my man”
“You were the best thing, in my life span”
“You brought me pleasure, and so much fun”
“Your love and presence, compares to no one”

I can not leave her without a warm hug
My arms go around her, as she stands atop the rug
She closes her eyes, to take in the feel
I whisper in her ear, “Yes, all this is real”
I glance back to see her smile, it's time to go
But she knows I'll be back, with another warm hello
©Apr 14, 2016 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
The connection between two who have a strong love
never dies, even after one has passed. That love is felt
even after death. For one really doesn't die at all. The
body dies, while the spirit continues the journey with
love and guidance, as always.

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