Monday, August 1, 2016


      From day one of Donald Trump’s election campaign he has been telling the American people how he will bring the manufacturing jobs back to America. But many people have pointed out that most of Trump’s brand products are made overseas.

      In June of 2015 Donald Trump began using his ‘Brand Name’ as an example of how American workers are benefiting from manufacturing his products. However, most of Trump’s products such as his shirts, neckties, suits, cufflinks, vodka and glassware — are made elsewhere.

      The question is - how will Donald Trump bring back American manufacturing jobs?

      He himself made millions and continues to make millions by outsourcing his products overseas. The "made in" labels of many of Trump’s products, which includes suits, accessories and eyewear are being heavily criticized because of where they’re being manufactured. Trump’s opponents quickly point out that the Trump shirts are made in Bangladesh. The Trump shirts that have been purchased on Amazon were not only made in Bangladesh but many have been made in China.

      Trump neckties are also made in China and many of those neckties went up for sale on eBay.

      Trump suits are made in Mexico and his opponents have pointed out that many of his suits are also being made in India and in China. Trump has even gone on the record stating that he has made some of his clothing lines in Mexico.

      Trump cufflinks are also being made in China and many people have also purchased them on Amazon and on eBay.

      Trump Vodka is being distilled in the Netherlands according to online liquor sellers. You have to wonder with his strong support from Russia if Trump will soon be shipping his cheaply made vodka to Russia.

      Trump crystal barware is made in Slovenia and some of Hilary Clinton’s supporters have stated that Slovenian glassware producer Steklarna Rogaška partnered with Trump to sell the glassware under the Trump name in the United States.

      Donald Trump has stated that he alone can save America from its shortsightedness by stopping the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs overseas. He failed to mention, however, during his numerous campaign stops that - Trump shirts are being made in Bangladesh, Trump suits in Mexico, Trump Vodka in the Netherlands, Trump crystal barware in Slovenia and his cufflinks and ties in China.

      Trump’s credibility gap seems to be widening with each passing day and I for one cannot take the man seriously and neither should the American people.
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