Monday, August 1, 2016

This 4th Of July

Sitting by the Bandshell, in Ludington Park
The Fireworks will start, right after dark
They start off a little bit slow
After awhile, then they let go

 I sit with my camera, snapping away
Hoping one of the shots, will be okay
A green one, a blue one, a fantastic white
Up in the sky, on this 4th of July night

Sparklers are seen as kids run on by
As I take in the surroundings, with my eye
The City Band played earlier, before it got dark
A magical evening spent in Ludington Park

Oohing and awing, at each display in the sky
I know some people, that have just walked on by
Never knowing how each Firework will look like
I walked here tonight, left behind my red bike

The finalé is close, and spectacular to see
All shot close together, a great light show to me
It's time to leave, another year is done
This 4th of July, sure was a lot of fun
©July 04, 2016 Bud Lemire
                          Author Note:
Even though the fireworks don't change that much.
It's fun to sit in the dark and watch as they open up
in the sky, to be what they are. Never knowing what
color, or how big it will be. The reaction of the kids,
the gathering of people, and the feeling of just being
there and enjoying the time. Wishing everyone a
Happy 4th Of July.

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