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The Adventures of Ollie-Dare - Chapter 16

Ollie-Dare begins Planning

      The Great Forest was fresh and clean this morning, for there had been a storm in the early morning hours. Ollie-Dare loved to smell the fresh clean air! Looking over the forest, he saw everything still sparkled with the rain drops that lingered on the trees and plants. As he walked down the garden path toward Blossom the Possum's home, he thought of the wonderful things that the forest had to offer. There were always good friends coming to visit, and food to eat, and all seemed to be well with the forest this day. Yes indeed, he thought, life was good, and he had been blessed.

      He was checking in on Blossom this morning for she had been a little under the weather, and he needed to ease his mind that she was doing fine. Blossom gave so much to those in the forest, and it was very unusual that she wasn't out and about either digging in her vegetables or flower garden. As he came upon the little stone pathway that led to her home, he could hear her singing merrily, and smiled to himself, for this was a sure sign that Blossom was on her way to being well. Blossom, looking up from her garden patch, called to Ollie-Dare that she had fresh tea brewing, and to come sit for awhile.

      Ollie-Dare, always ready for fresh tea, began to tell her of the forest news. Woodchuck had finally finished the long wooden table that would sit in the Great Lodge, and Ollie-Dare told her of the wonderful carvings that had been placed upon the boards. Woodchuck had detailed life in the forest throughout the great table, and Blossom smiled at the mention of her and her gardens being carved right in the middle of the huge table.

      Ollie-Dare told her of his new book that had been delivered by Ace from his parents, and that CuCu and Nibbles had brought in many of their young relatives to start their home here in the Great Forest. Jimmy the Rabbit had been bringing news back of other places, and Banjo had found, somewhere in his travels, a strange looking vegetable that he would soon be bringing by for her to see. Ollie-Dare had looked up the vegetable, and telling Blossom that the plant was call a beet, laughingly spoke that it was very colorful. Blossom had not heard of this plant and was very excited that she may have yet another vegetable for her garden.

      Ollie-Dare returned home with fresh dried fruit for his cooking, and a jar of her best honey. Fresh flowers were now in every room, giving them the sweet smell of summer. Ollie-Dare made a mental note to tell Banjo to call on Blossom very soon, and to send Jimmy along there with some new teas he had been given by Max on his last visit.

      Thoughts of Max once again had Ollie-Dare thinking of the Great lodge and how proud he was that they had built it, for it already had given the Great Forest so much pleasure. Soon the lodge would have all the seating it needed, and with the grand table that Woodchuck had prepared, they would hold a big feast to celebrate. And other than his books, Ollie-Dare loved a gathering of his friends here in the forest.

      Settling down for his evening tea and book Ollie-Dare heard Jimmy calling on his way up the path. Ollie-Dare smiled, for Jimmy was always so happy and full of life. Jimmy entered as Ollie-Dare had placed another cup of tea and a slice of honey bread on the table, and never wavering, Jimmy started talking as he took a bite of the bread. "Ollie-Dare my friend...I have some wonderful news today," he said with a smile. "It seems that there is to be a wedding within our forest!"

      Ollie-Dare, looking surprised, asked "Jimmy, who is getting married?"

      "Well, Beaver Joe's oldest son...Billy... is taking a bride! Isn't it wonderful, Ollie-Dare, we are going to have a wedding!"

      "That is great news, my friend," answered Ollie-Dare, "and we shall use the Great Lodge, and hopefully, my parents will come and some of the Elders."

       "That's what I was thinking, also," answered Jimmy. "I am going around telling everyone, so they can start preparing. Beaver Joe said he would stop by and talk with you in a few days, and Nibbles already is making plans, for I saw her on the way up."

      "Wonderful, wonderful! The Great Forest is having a wedding," Ollie-Dare said as he rose from the table, "Our first wedding here, Jimmy, isn't that exciting!"

      Jimmy smiling and taking his last drink of tea said, "It is indeed, my friend, and I must start my journey now for I have many to see."

      Ollie-Dare said 'Goodbye' to his friend, and began taking notes on his thoughts. A wedding, and their first wedding, was something that needed his attention. Their first wedding and their first official ceremony in the Great Lodge, all in one.....yes indeed, Ollie Dare is good!!

      Ollie-Dare began piling up books on his table, for one thing he knew, he didn't have any idea how to plan a wedding, and his thoughts were that he hoped Nibbles did, for he was going to need some help on this one. His candles stayed lit into the early morning hours, as he went from one book to the next making notes. And as the lights dimmed within the cave, Ollie-Dare could be heard humming a tune that the Forest creatures hadn't heard before.........
©2002 Rebecca Morris
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