Monday, August 1, 2016

The Pond

I remember as a kid, watching the pollywog
On Aronson Island, soon to be a frog
A pond at the entrance, and the old dirt road
Behind it were plenty of frogs, even a toad

 Green Leapers jumped fast and so very high
You'd have to be quick, or they'd all be bye bye
The toads just hopped along, they were slow
You'd always find them, wherever they'd go

We'd bring the frogs home, and put them in a box
One got away, because we didn't use locks
Into Mom's bedroom, and never to be found
No sleep for Mom, it was now Heaven bound

These days as I walk the Island's shore
I found a pond where frogs are galore
Instead of capturing them with my hand
I capture them with my camera, as I walk through the sand

It brought a big smile to my face
Bringing me back to my childhood, a wonderful place
From a pollywog to a frog, as time moves along
From a kid to an adult, in the Universal Song
©July 15, 2016 Bud Lemire
                        Author Note:
Back then Aronson Island was all dirt roads, and it
was called Sand Island, and at times Seagull Island.
Right at the entrance was a big pond in the middle of
the sand, and it had Pollywogs in it. Behind that was
grass and many Green Leaper Frogs. Me and my friends
would be there catching the frogs. It was a lot of fun for
us kids back then. These days it is enjoyable just to see
the frogs and pollywogs and capture them with my camera.
Oh, the memories.

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