Monday, August 1, 2016

On Trek

Our Enemy

      Most of the time we are our own worse enemy.

      One of the problems we all face, is how we view our past. We tend to continually run ourselves ragged worrying over what we did in the past. For Example: How we raised our kids, why didn't I do it this way instead of that way. How we treated people, or how we let people treat us. Etc etc.

      So how about we look at our "mistakes", this way. We cannot use our forty, fifty,sixty etc, year old minds, to condemn our ten, twenty, thirty year minds and actions. We have changed, and our perspectives have changed. We are not the same people we were. So our decisions we made back when, would not be the same decision we would make now, as as an older adult.

      For example, a young person might decide to get married at a young age. They are in love, and they know what they feel. Later, thru the years, they think if they had their whole life to live over, they might not jump into a marriage so young. They might consider getting a good job first.

      We make our own decisions, and we get buy with them. But some people condemn themselves forever for things they had done as a young adult. The truth is, we should never condemn ourselves at all.. We need to let it go and move forward.

      Try to help others to rethink their decisions while they are young..If not, they will learn a good lesson, if they survive the foolishness.!! And remember, controlling people is NOT the way to do it. Everyone, has FREE WILL. If we choose wrong once, get back up on our feet and don't make the same "wrong" choice for ourelves again.

      Our path our life, our free will, our lessons to be learned. We lift a helping hand when needed for others, but we never condemn forever..we all are changing..and changing our thinking and ways constantly.

      That is why we keep moving forward, not getting stuck in our ruts we make for ourselves.

      Happy journey to all!!

      Judith, July 25, 2016

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