Saturday, October 1, 2016

Be You

Everyone should be happy and content with where they are
In life the journey can take you so very far
Life changes and molds you
Into the person that wears your shoe

 Many times we follow what we learned from the past
Other times, those teaches don't seem to last
I believe it's best to explore life's precious gift
Learn from every lesson, as it gives you a lift

Listen to your spirit, what feels right to you
Is where you should go, and what you should do
This makes us the person that we will be
Looking beyond what most of the people see

Some people know you, but only a small part
A chapter per say, but there's more to your heart
If they really wanted to, they could take a look
Why read just one chapter, when you could read the whole book

But then if they did, would they truly understand
For we are taught differently, on what makes us feel grand
I believe the best, is for you to Be You
For it has been what helped you to get through
©Sept 12, 2016 Bud Lemire
Author Note:
Sometimes we can understand others. But for those
we can't, it could be their belief is different than ours.
It could be they were brought up in a different generation
that has a whole different way of thinking. It all has to do
with a different Mind Set. They will always be right in their
own minds. But there is no right or wrong. Is he right, is she
right, are they both wrong? No, what is right for you, is RIGHT.
That is you being content and happy being the YOU that you were
meant to be. It's the journey that has made you who you are.
So why don't you just remember to always BE YOU.

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