Saturday, October 1, 2016

On Trek

 Old Folks

      One of the biggest regrets we can make in this life, is not getting to know the older folks in our lives. Their experience in life is invaluable. I often thought if I would listen to my elders, and take heed to what they say, I could save myself a lot of heartaches.

      However, like most youth, I knew it all. :) So I had to find out the hard way on may aspects of growing up.

      My dad is 93 and he is going strong. He was in WW11, raised three children, buried his wife of 53 years, and continues to make his life exciting.

      Watching him has taught me that life does have it's ups and downs, but attitude is the key. The pic at bottom of page is Dad and me, last summer. He is still going strong, and he plans a trip out late august and or later. Daddy always sees the positive side of everything. He will be 94 in July. He plays pool, he keeps up his home, he is going to do a speed dating event in July. He came with me to my 50th class reunion, and had a ball. His motto is, Keep moving. Love ya pop!!

      My daddy's attitude is something to be admired. He finds the good in everything. Recently he and his girl friend took a trip on a train, and they got a sleeping room. They didn't realize how small that room would be, but they made the best of it. My dad didn't complain and moan over it, he laughed, and his companion laughed as well. He said, we were close before, but now we understand what really close means!! To laugh thru a seemingly unpleasant experience made it bearable, and they managed to find it fun.

      I have, for the most part, grown to emulate my dad's way of viewing life. We have a choice when we wake enjoy the day, or look for fault. We need to look at the world as a big play pen, taking the good with the bad, remembering all we have learned, and remembering those that have walked by our side.

      My grandmother use to butter bread very slowly and methodically making sure she covered every corner, nook and cranny. It was an act of beauty., In those seconds while each of us watched her in anticpation for that tasty, lovingly prepared buttered bread. I failed to realize at that moment the importance of that moment. But later on, it was etched in my heart forever. I learned that no matter what I do in life, do it with purpose, do it with meaning, do it with love. If we are going to spend the time to do something, then do it right!!. The white hair, the wrinkles, the slow moving body was all attained thru years of learning, trial and error, and tons of love. Why, they still send me love as a spirit.

      Bless our white haired souls, and listen and learn from them while you can!!!

      Featherwind (Judith)

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