Saturday, October 1, 2016

Reflections on the Day

      Right now in this moment and as long as I draw breath - I choose not to allow fear, pain, and conflict to dictate how I live my life. I fully acknowledge the disease of disconnect our human family is suffering from. But that illness is not my truth.

      I choose here and now to create, serve, and celebrate life with gratitude, love, and fellowship at the heart of all I offer. This does not mean that I am blind to the injustice, manipulation, and control fed to us by corporate media, a bought & sold government, and the lost children of this world. I simply choose not to accept these conditions as food for how I nourish my soul.

      I believe there is a powerful fire within us that knows no boundaries, holds no titles, and does not discriminate. And united in the heartbeat of this fire we can create the life we love together.

      I will never shy away from a challenge - but I will also not allow challenges to shake how beautiful, capable, and powerful I believe we can become if we embrace our destiny as caretakers & stewards of this world. Hate & conflict leads to more hate. Fierce kindness & compassion leads to peace.

      This is my truth. I welcome one and all to embrace life as warriors of peace. We are the many.

      How empowering could it be to declare that we’re done with compulsive self-improvement and the relentless searching for what else might be ‘wrong’ with us?

      What if we were able to relax into this life, as it unfolds before us, instead of constantly trying so hard to ‘manifest’ a better one?

September 24 at 10:16pm

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