Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Book To Read

As I pick up a book to read
I'm always amazed at where it will lead
Those authors take us for quite a ride
Between the covers, on the inside

 The words, they flow, and off we go
And where we go, only the authors know
They write it with their readers in mind
It's up to us, in what we find

Imagination is a creative force
With lots of magic, of course
A quest for a magic ring
A powerful Wizard, or anything

The images that come to our mind
Are written there, for us to find
They come to life, within our brain
All because of what those words contain

Let's read the next chapter, before we go to bed
Everything that's happening, is going through my head
What will happen next, I need to know
I'll read another chapter, before I go

I can't put this book down
As it gets later, I wear a frown
I fall asleep, with a dreamy look on my face
The book falls from my hands, and I lose my place
©Jan 30, 2017 Bud Lemire
                      Author Note:
And normally when it falls from your hands, it wakes
you up from your nap. It's all because of great authors,
that we find ourselves up late into the early morning
hours reading a great book. Because of their great
imagination, we get to explore a wonderful book.

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