Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A New Beginning

A new beginning starts every day
You never know what will come your way
The day could bring you anything
You never know what it will bring
On every day that comes, I do not look
I flow along in time, just like a book
I let it take me, to where it will go
What will be, is what it will show

It will present itself at any time
To pass it by would be a crime
I look real closely at what I see
I gather thoughts on what it means to me

Not all things remain the same
If it did it would be a shame
To make each day special on its own
It must be different, for each thing shown

Changes in every day you live
You must take from, but also give
A new beginning, a new end
A special moment that you can spend
©Jan 9, 2017 Bud Lemire
                     Author Note:
Changes make each day different. This
makes every start to a new day, a new
beginning. Which makes each day
special in its own way. This makes
life so much more enjoyable. Never
knowing what to expect as every day
starts anew.

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