Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My Own Bible

I've got my own Bible, it's written in my soul
It is what guides me, in everything I know
I don't need a verse, to know what's wrong or right
We were in made in God's image, made from his light

 Energy is the soul, inside each of us
Beyond or normal bodies, which is a plus
Many of us, don't even have the faintest clue
Of how to use this energy, while others do

I don't need a Bible, to be a good man
Because I know I'm good, because of who I am
If some people think, that I am going to Hell
Then it is time, they come out of their shell

I don't live by the Bible, I live by the love
That God gave to us, when we came from above
You're no better than I, because you go to church
I don't need to go there, I don't need to search

God is everywhere, wherever resides your soul
And this life on Earth, is your only role
Don't put limitations, and chains on your soul
There's much more than verses, that you'll need to know

He doesn't punish us, if we think we sin
We are our worst enemies, what's true is under our skin
Our spirits in these bodies, knows what is right
I've got my own Bible, and it is always God's Light
©Jan 30, 2017 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
Just because one doesn't read the Bible, or go to Church,
doesn't make them any less better than those who do.
There is much more to life here, and we can be connected
to God in other ways. In fact, sometimes we may think we
aren't, yet we are. Nature, beauty, music, living life, and
enjoying every moment. Helping others. I hear people say
they sinned and are afraid that God will punish them. In my
belief, there are no sins. If you use common sense, you already
know right from wrong. God instilled that in most of us. So
just keep on living, because God is watching over you, and
loves you for being who you are.

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