Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We cry at birth
From our first breath.
Separation from love
Inflicting pain to our death.
Madness haunts our future.
How can you take me away?
Dreams of the past now gone
With the wake of dawn.

Yearning for what once was.
Remembering warmth
Of love now lost.
Like rays of sunshine Before the frost.

(Chorus: The yoke I carry
Cross, halo, and chain -
Your sacrifice
Is not in vain.)

Tracing our way
To where it all went wrong.
This road carries on
For far too long.

A painful reminder.
Behind your back and in your face.
So bitter the taste.
The toll of this world.

(Repeat Chorus)

What fills this emptiness?
What do I do without you?
My life plays out like notes of a song.
So many paths, all but one are wrong.

(Repeat Chorus)

Focus on today with hope for tomorrow (spoken, not sung)
©2016 Lyrics by Adam Bradshaw
Pic below: Adam with new guitar

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