Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On Trek

      I love an old country road, with uneven ruts and holes and rocks here and there. Why? Because it forces us to slow down, and by so doing, we see the beauty of the country.

      I have seen butterfly's cover a field, I have had to stop for a mama bird and her little babies cross the road, while papa bird flew overhead and was being a very protective parent.

      I had to stop for a black snake as he criss crossed across the road, stopping as I beeped the horn for him to keep moving right along.

      I noticed deer, and fawns, squirrels, fox, bear etc. Everything tends to live on an old country road.

      Many times I spotted an old barn, with half a roof, unpainted, badly broken, but still standing proud because at one time the barn was the center of hubbub of the property. If you listened carefully you could still see and smell and feel the animals around the handsome structure if you had enough imagination.

      Sometimes an old rock foundation peeked thru tall grass, and in the middle was a dilapidated chimney.

      If you haven't experienced these treasures of the country, I suggest you make it a goal to travel an out of the way country road. The wild flowers are to live for. Judith 12/30/16

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