Thursday, February 1, 2018


I met him here at the Harbor Tower one day
After chatting with him, I knew he was okay
At the time he had a bicycle, that he would ride
It was a blue one, and I'd see him ride it outside
I'd always joke around with him, that was me
He even took time to show me his family tree
Raised in the Keweenaw Peninsula, he's been everywhere
He has a long gray beard, and a head of gray hair

I saw him working, on a jigsaw puzzle in the lobby
I thought to myself, he's picked up a wonderful hobby
I'd visit with him, and soon I was involved
We'd take turns throughout the day, until it was solved

When he got a vehicle, he'd ask if I wanted to go Wal-Mart
We'd end up there, or Meijer, and I'd have a cart
We went looking at Christmas Lights one night
I took pictures, and they were quite a sight

“Well Buddy Boy, it's time for me to move away”
“But if I'm coming down here, I'll call you that day”
“I might even send a jigsaw puzzle to you”
“If I see a good one, you'll know what to do”

Some people said he was a drifter
I always thought of him, as an uplifter
He was a friend to many, who are living here
A good man, to me he is a friend who is dear
©Jan 07, 2018 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
This is for a friend, Michael Kezele. Who became
my friend while he lived here at Harbor Tower.
Now he's moved on to Iron Mountain. But I don't
think I've seen the last of that man, and his smiling
face. But I'm sure he's making friends wherever he

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