Thursday, February 1, 2018

Running Bird

Her name was Running Bird, she couldn't fly
Rescued and given care, she would always try
A Gold Finch at birth, with all of her might
In this life, she put up a good fight
Then came a loud sound , she ran up a tree
Without her flight, it was the only way to flee
A woman at the window, watches with a smile
Not leaving her place, she's there for quite awhile

“I left my nest, so very long ago”
“She took me in, her caring I know”
“I wonder if the other birds knew”
“My courage came, all because of you”

“You gave me hope, despite my lack of flight”
“That in each day, I'd have your guiding light”
“I know, you'll be watching out for me”
“Your home is my comfort, when I think of thee”

Then Running Bird, ran up the tree high
The woman watched, as she began to fly
She flew by the window, but not for a final goodbye
“When I'm this way again, I'll stop in to say hi”
©Jan 18, 2018 Bud Lemire
                       Author Note:
This is dedicated to a special woman who has a wonderful
heart filled with love for the creatures of this world. She
loves me, and I love her. I am as blessed as “Running Bird”
to have this woman's love. People, caring for the other
creatures in this world, is a good way to show your appreciation
for those we share this world with. Every thing here on this
planet is precious. Thank you Vicki!

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